Yonomi – control of Logitech Harmony with Amazon Alexa

With the purchase of the Amazon Echo Dot and the Logitech Harmony hub, the next thing I needed to sort out was how to connect them together so that Alexa could communicate with the Harmony hub and turn on or off certain of my entertainment devices (as well as adjust light levels if desired, e.g. when watching a movie). Unfortunately the Skills to enable Alexa to do this is not available in the UK from Logitech Harmony (although available in the US). But there is a Skill called Yonomi available which is able to do exactly that. Here is how I have managed to get it to work with Alexa.

The initial steps are to download the Yonomi App and then to sign up to an account. Once this is done, it is ready to discover the available devices, and setup some Routines automatically.

Yonomi iOS App

But sometimes it does not setup a Routine that you would like, so you will have to do this manually. The screen below shows the various devices which were detected by Yonomi. Do be aware that it may need to login to your device accounts to authorise access to these devices. When there are new devices to discover, click on the magnifying glass icon with Y in it (top right of screen) to start the process.

Yonomi Devices screen

These were the various routines that Yonomi setup automatically for me.

Routines screen on Yonomi

How to add a new routine?

  1. Click on the + button on top right of the Routines screen.
  2. Input a new name for the Routine (choose one that is very different from the other routines, so Alexa does not get confused e.g. Apple TV and TV – Alexa may ask which one you are referring to).
  3. Add Action by tapping the green + button on the left of this option.
Setting up new routine – select to Add Action

4) This will bring up Things with Actions screen. Simply select the device you would like to initiate an action on. I chose the Harmony Hub for this.

Choose the device for the action to use

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