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Yonomi – control of Logitech Harmony with Amazon Alexa Page 2

5) It will show up the few options available for the Harmony Hub. I swiped to the middle option РStart Activity. Tap on the Activity, which will bring up the available Activities with this device.

Swipe on the activities of the device to choose the appropriate action – here to start Activity

6) Choose the Activity you would like to start. Here I chose the Watch a Movie option.

Activities to choose from on my Logitech Harmony Hub

7) Save the new routine. Then I would suggest creating a new routine for switching off the same activity (Use the same name with the word ‘off’ after it). This will then allow you to both turn on and off a certain device through Alexa.

Here I chose to Watch a Movie which runs the routine for this

Screen below shows the third option with my Harmony Hub i.e. End Activity.

Also setup and name a new routine for switching off as well – select End Activity

8) Once the routines are setup, then you need to go to the Amazon Alexa App to discover the various devices. This needs to be done each time new Routines are added to Yonomi, so they can become available to Alexa.

Discovered devices (routines setup on Yonomi)

Now Alexa will be able to turn the various things on or off through the Logitech Harmony Hub. I thought the whole process would be fairly complicated and fraught with issues, but surprisingly it turned out not to be difficult and worked without any glitches – I suppose it is knowing how to use it that puts many people off using it. But once you do, you will have a much smarter/controllable home.


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