Yellow Carnation

Our friend Janet brought a bunch of carnations for us when she came to visit. Hence as I have not imaged this flower with my various filters before, I thought I would put it through my indoor studio setup. For this photo shoot, I had the help of my youngest daughter, as she wanted to be involved. Obviously we took precautions with the appropriate UV eye protection gear and closing eyes before shooting with the flash.

Carnation - visible
Carnation – visible
Carnation - UV
Carnation – UV
Carnation - IDS1
Carnation – IDS1
Carnation - IDS2e
Carnation – IDS2e


Carnation - UVIVF
Carnation – UVIVF

I thought I would see what the receptacle part of the carnation look like in UV-induced visible fluorescence (UVIVF) as well.

Carnation receptacle - UVIVF
Carnation receptacle – UVIVF

The carnation looks very bland in UV, IDS1 and IDS2e. In fact, it was the receptacle of the carnation which I found to exhibit the most interesting colours in UVIVF.


Equipment used: Olympus EM-5, Coastal Optics 60mm F4, Baader U filter, Baader UV-IR cut filter, IDS1 & 2e filters, Quantum X2D flash, Nightsearcher UV torches