World Book Day

While the rest of England celebrated World Book Day last week on 2nd March 2017, my youngest daughter’s school decided that they would do it on 8/3/17 instead. This year, my daughter had already planned way ahead what she wanted to wear, although getting the right top proved to be a little more challenging.

Now for World Book Day this year, my youngest daughter chose the character Cherry from the book Cherry Crush. Apparently her mother is Japanese, and she tends to dress in clothes that have a Japanese theme. Hence she needed to find clothes which fit that resume.

Cathy Cassidy – Cherry Crush Book

My wife had been shopping around for a t-shirt with Cherry Blossom print on it but was unsuccessful. Hence my daughter had her brilliant idea to print a photo of Cherry Blossom and transfer this onto a plain t-shirt which my wife had bought for her. So on Monday, my youngest daughter asked me if I could order some photo T-shirt transfer paper for next day delivery – as she needed it for Wednesday.

Now these are the photo paper which you print a photo on using an inkjet printer, and the photo gets transferred onto a t-shirt when you iron over the paper. Now fortunately for my daughter I had bought some many years ago, so there was no need for last minute shopping.

T-shirt transfer photo paper

But even though I had the t-shirt transfer paper, the colour inkjet printer, and the iron to do the transfer, in the back of my mind I was filled with uncertainty as so many different things could go wrong and I may not pull it off.  Fortunately for me the inkjet printed without any problems (i.e. no blocked nozzles). The T-shirt transfer paper held the dye from the printer without bleeding out.

And the photo was successfully transferred onto the t-shirt after just a few minutes of ironing; and I did not burn the t-shirt. It was good that the instructions for the transfer was clear and that the back of the transfer paper had iron symbols which when the transfer is complete, will change colour and let you know that it is ready. And the final product is down below.

The t-shirt with Cherry Blossom print

My daughter is absolutely pleased with it as she chose the photo herself. And basing her book character on Cherry was all her idea. I was just simply relieved that it all went so smoothly, and that it is over for another year.