Withings Steel HR Activity Tracker Watch

Now for this year’s birthday, my family wanted to buy me something which would be useful. Initially I thought about the Withings Steel HR but was not completely sure that I would like using it. But my family convinced me that it was worth getting and hence they bought it for me. The aim was for it to track all my activities throughout both day and night, including the number of steps I’ve taken, calories burnt and my heart rate. And the fact it looks more like a watch than an activity tracker, meant I was likely to use it.The watch they bought for me was the 40mm version costing ¬£179.99. There are many things to like about this watch, but also quite a few areas for improvement, which I will talk about in due course. It comes nicely packaged in a cardboard box which protects the watch properly.

Withings Steel HR 40mm Activity tracker

The Digital screen on the watch can be customised to show various parameters or notifications you would like to view on the watch. For example, I have set it to vibrate and inform me who is calling me when my phone rings – which can be useful.

Various  activities or notifications that can be displayed on the watch

The main features which made this watch particularly attractive compared to the Apple Watch, for example, is that it has very good battery life (up to 25 days between charges), is water resistant to 50m, and has a silent vibrating alarm. The reason the battery lasts that long is that it only tracks the heart rate every 10 minutes, but this can be set for continuous tracking when exercising (simply by doing a long press on the watch button to activate it).

Features of the watch

To use the watch, you will need to download the Withings Health Mate App, which I already use for their Withings Body Cardio scales. This allows you to sync with your Steel HR and track all the various activities.

Tracking of various parameters

The watch does look more like a watch than the plastic-looking trackers from Fitbit and other companies; there are some who just do not like the look of the activity trackers. It does look rather nice, although I do have concerns that the screen glass may not be as scratch-resistant as the watches I’m used to wearing which have sapphire crystal glass. Not only that, with the glass protruding out from the metal rim of the watch, meant that it is more exposed and not protected by the metal rim.

Nicely packaged in box
Withings Steel HR

The watch comes with a USB charging connector which magnetically snaps to the watch to charge it. As can be seen, the back of the watch has the green LED used for monitoring the heart rate.

Back of watch with charging connector
The watch sitting on the charger while charging the battery

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