Withings Body Cardio Update

A few weeks ago, I had received notice from Withings that they were updating their Body Cardio weighing scales to be able to show the pulse wave velocity measurement directly on its screen during the weighing process. Obviously I was waiting eagerly for this update to come.Now for those who do not know, pulse wave velocity is a measurement which is supposedly useful as an indicator for heart health. Previously with the Body Cardio, it was necessary to log into the Withings Health Mate App to view the pulse wave velocity measured that day. But now with the update, it can be viewed on the Body Cardio Scale just after the measurement is taken.

Pulse wave velocity

To illustrate the point, I was recently ill with a virus which gave me a streaming nose and hacking cough. During the period of illness, my pulse wave velocity was probably the worst it has been for quite a while, and even getting to 9.3 m/s which is outside the normal range.

Pulse wave velocity – worst during illness

But I’m glad to say that the reading from the morning when I feel much better and recovered, has come back into the normal range at 7.8 m/s. It is still higher than my wife’s readings which are consistently in the 6.x m/s range, but that men do have higher readings than women.

Pulse wave velocity now improved

And it is particularly great that I can view the pulse wave velocity directly on my Body Cardio immediately after it measures my pulse.

Pulse wave velocity measurement shown directly on the Body Cardio

Now with regards to my weight, it has been consistently below 71 kg for quite a while now. In fact during my recent illness, at one point it had hit 70 kg which is my target, which just goes to show that fighting infection is an energy-consuming process.

Weight has been gradually coming down to 70kg

I have to say that in the nearly 6 months of using the Body Cardio, I have been pretty pleased with its function and the fact that Withings have continued to improve its functionality over time. I do not even need to be connected to Wi-Fi on my iPhone to sync with the Health Mate App, as it will work through cellular connection reliably now. Kudos to Withings.