Wine crate vegetable plot

We are aware that vegetables bought at the supermarket have already been picked days before it goes on sale (if not much longer) and hence are not as fresh as we think. My wife must have been influenced by the cooking shows on television, as she who was never interested in gardening decided this year that she would grow vegetables and herbs in our garden – nothing beats fresh vegetables straight from the garden. We do have a pot of basil growing on our kitchen window sill, but this is a completely new thing for my wife to be doing.

Needless to say, I supplied the wine crates for my wife to plant the vegetables in. And she and her friend, Janet bought the plants from the nearby garden center and proceeded to plant them in. And she has been dutifully ensuring that the plants are watered daily (unless it rained fairly heavily that day). This is probably the first time that she has truly taken an interest in the garden, as usually it is me planting my flowers for the UV-imaging season in our back garden. In fact, currently we have strawberries, lettuce, runner beans and various herbs growing in our garden, not to mention our chilli in the conservatory. Hopefully we will have a good harvest this year.

Duhart-Milon wine crate used for planting vegetables and herbs
Duhart-Milon wine crate used for planting vegetables and herbs
Various herbs including spring onion being grown in that crate
Various herbs including rosemary, mint and  spring onion being grown in that crate
Lettuce and other vegetables being grown
Lettuce and other vegetables being grown
Lettuce - has already grown in size
Lettuce – has already grown in size

She has left ample room for the various herbs and vegetables to grow. There is the anticipation of plants you look after, growing under your tender care until such time when they are ready to be picked for eating. I can understand why many people in England take the effort to acquire an allotment where they grow their own plants and vegetables, and take the time and effort to care for these – anticipating the time when there will be a harvest.

Certainly over the last year, we have been eating more fruits and vegetables as this is part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Hence it makes sense to grow our own vegetables, and enjoy the fruits of our harvest which the Lord provides. I will post about this again when the vegetables are being harvested, as it should be great to have home-grown vegetables picked just prior to eating – that is probably as fresh as vegetables can get.