What I caught on Ring Video Doorbell

I woke up on Wednesday morning at 7am and went to the window to draw the blinds and curtains. Straight away I noticed that something was not right. My passenger car door was wide open – which could only mean one thing – someone unauthorised has got into my car. The first thing I looked for was whether there was any movement detected on my Ring Video Doorbell, and sure enough there was an event recorded at 4:48am.

I have to say that the bulb of the street light in front of my house had blown over a week ago, which means it is dark and there is less deterrence to people wishing to commit crimes, even in the relatively peaceful neighbourhood that I live in. I have posted the video that the Ring Doorbell captured here so people can see, and learn from this experience.

Click on the link below to open the video:


The man is seen coming up to my front door, and trying to open the door (he was wearing gloves). When he realises that it is locked, he starts looking on the floor to see if there was a house key hidden under the mat (which there isn’t). When he realises that he cannot get into the house, he went to my car and opened the front passenger door (which I must have left unlocked by accident) and he proceeded to ransack it. He took a handful of coins which was all I had in the car – fortunately he did not take the lock nuts for the car wheels or the spare tyre, which are probably the only things worth anything in the car.

Lessons I have learnt from this experience:

  1. Always remember to check that the car doors are locked.
  2. Do not leave a house key under the front mat of the house, as that is just inviting trouble.
  3. Having the Ring Video Doorbell helped to capture a video of the culprit but did not entirely deter him from trying.
  4. Don’t leave any valuables in the car.
  5. I can report crimes to the Police online and wait for them to contact me afterwards (as this was a non-emergency).

I have reported this to the Thames Valley Police through their online system, as this may be helpful for future investigations as I have heard of crimes happening in the neighbourhood in the past – and this man could be a prime suspect.