Weekend breakfast

Recently my wife’s colleague had given her a pack of Brazilian ground coffee, and we were wanting to try this out together. Hence while she made breakfast, I made the coffee.

The Brazilian coffee is from the brand Suplicy. The reason this coffee is supposed to be special is because they buy the micro lots which have achieved a level of distinction at cupping direct from the producers of the coffee.

I would have to say that this coffee was a little disappointing initially as it did not have the strong ‘in your face’ aromas of many of the other coffees I’ve had in the past. But what it had was subtle and more lingering. It is nutty and definitely has a long lasting taste, so you continue to feel the taste of the coffee in your mouth long after that last sip. ┬áDefinitely for the coffee connoisseur.

Brazilian ground coffee
Brazilian ground coffee
A Nice cuppa
A Nice cuppa

To go with the coffee, my wife made my favourite eggs – scrambled eggs, which we tend to have only when we are on holiday particularly in Europe and have the Continental breakfast. Our youngest daughter tried it and absolutely loved it – previously she would only have egg omelette. So a definite thumbs up for scrambled eggs from my daughter.

My wife's scrambled eggs
My wife’s scrambled eggs

The two girls also had toasted pancakes with Maple syrup, another thing they liked from our holiday in France over the Summer.

My daughter's pancakes with Maple syrup
My daughter’s pancakes with Maple syrup

The coffee was a good reason to get everyone down to have breakfast together at the breakfast bar in the kitchen early in the morning. It is moments like these which can make one feel truly thankful for all that we have.


PS: Although I like scrambled eggs, I will not be eating this regularly but as a treat – to limit the amount of extra cholesterol consumed.