Wedding Anniversary – Loch Fyne Lunch

Another event we celebrate in June is our wedding anniversary. This year, we decided to go to Loch Fyne Seafood restaurant in Oxford (actually it was my idea). As my daughter had finished her exams, she also came along to celebrate with us – being the fruit of our marriage. And we had a wonderful time together, as it was nice and cool in the restaurant, unlike outside where it was 31 degrees Celsius and so very hot.

When you first enter the Loch Fyne Restaurant, you are greeted by their bar area where the drinks are made and served.

Loch Fyne Bar area

Inside the restaurant itself, there is a lovely display of the various seafood they have available – they also sell fresh seafood to take home, just outside their kitchen area.

Seafood display – Fish bar
Kitchen area


With the hot weather, we craved for something refreshing to quench our thirst. My daughter and I each ordered the same drink – Orchard Spritz mocktail, a non-alcoholic cocktail that tastes very similar to the Refresher mocktail we had before in Jamie’s Italian, only instead of cranberry juice this has apple juice. It was lovely.

Orchard spritz mocktail – Elderflower cordial, apple juice, lemonade and lemon

My wife ordered the Strawberry sparkler mocktail, which is fairly sharp and sour, owing to the cloudy lemonade in it. But equally refreshing.

Strawberry sparkler mocktail – traditional cloudy lemonade, strawberry puree, soda, strawberry and mint


As we were ordering the large seafood platter for all of us to share, we decided to only order two starters. One had to be our perennial favourite – the salt and pepper squid. The other starter was the pan-fried chilli and garlic king prawns. Both dishes were tasty indeed – we all agreed that both dishes were very nice (and we would order them again).

Salt & pepper squid, scattered with chillies and sesame seeds, served with chilli jam
Pan-fried chilli & garlic King prawns with granary bread to mop up the lovely chilli oil

And as we had ordered the large seafood platter, we were presented with the necessary tools to tackle the lobster, and a bowl of lemon water to clean our hands.

Tools for eating seafood

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