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Wedding Anniversary – Loch Fyne Lunch Page 2

Seafood platter:

One of the things we do enjoy at Loch Fyne is the fresh raw oysters. But we were particularly enticed by the Hot and Cold Shellfish platter with whole lobster they had on their menu. Back when we had celebrated our honeymoon in Paris many years ago, we had ordered a Plateau de fruits de mer (seafood platter), which was one of the most memorable meals we have had together. Hence it was a no-brainer to order their Hot and Cold Shellfish platter with a whole lobster to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I have to say that the serving was large enough for three of us to share. And it looked so nice when it arrived.

Hot & cold shellfish platter with lobster

The lovely red lobster deserved a few photos on its own. The lobster was nicely cooked and went down a real treat – we gave our daughter the claws which she loved.

Lobster with mayonnaise sauce
Lobster tail
King prawns

The shellfish platter had 6 fresh oysters and these were what my wife and I were looking forward to the most. We have had these before at Loch Fyne and eating these brought back thoe lovely memories – absolutely gorgeous when eaten with freshly squeezed lemon juice and the onion and tomato salsa garnish.

Cold platter – fresh oysters

To complement the cold platter, there is a platter on the top of warm cooked shellfish – mussels, clams and langoustines, as well as squid. These we got through in no time at all.

Hot platter – with Scottish mussels, palourde clams, langoustines and squid

My daughter wanted a side of twice-cooked chips, which she enjoyed – she did share this with us as well. Surprisingly we were able to finish all the food that we had ordered, perhaps because we had ordered the right sized portions for the three of us.

A serving of twice-cooked chips

It was a very lovely meal, the food was enjoyable and tasty, and the restaurant’s atmosphere is very conducive for having a wonderful time. Definitely a place I would take my wife again for a romantic celebration such as a wedding anniversary.


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