Wedding Anniversary Dinner

Following the anniversary picnic, we had planned for a lovely dinner that evening. As we had eaten the picnic fairly late, the dinner was delayed until about 9pm. That gave us plenty of time to do the cooking. Here are the photos from that meal.

There is something really nice about a nice piece of beef steak (cooked Sous vide method and seared on the outside with a blow torch), particularly when you pair it with a nice glass of mature red wine. This was a team effort as I cooked the steak and mashed to potatoes, while my wife cooked the potatoes and the vegetables. Normally we take it in turns to cook, but for our wedding anniversary, we decided to cook together and talk at the same time. It was nice.

Wagyu Sirloin steak with mashed potatoes and vegetables

We lit a few candle to give a romantic atmosphere – that did not last very long as there was a strong request from both our daughters to blow these off, which they duly did after I took this photo.

Romantic lit candles – for a very short time

Now I have been collecting wine from 1998 as that was the year we were married – hence a significant vintage to us. The plan was to open up one of these bottles during a special occasion such as our wedding anniversary. Bearing in mind this bottle of La Mission Haut Brion 1998 which is a Second growth wine from Bordeaux, was bought from the Wine Society in 2007 for £96, and has been resting and maturing in my wine fridge for the 8 years since. Hence it is a bottle I had cared for, waiting for that special occasion to uncork and drink.

It is interesting that it received a score from Robert Parker of 93 points many years before, but the score has been upgraded to 98 points in 2012, where he felt that this wine was the best from the 90s this chateaux since their 1990 vintage. No wonder the value of this wine had increased so much – it is now retailing for £325 a bottle at BBR. I decanted it about an hour prior to serving, and it was still improving in glass throughout the night – an indication of a great wine.

La Mission Haut Brion 1998
La Mission Haut Brion decanted and served

My wife felt the wine had a mineral taste to it, as well as chocolate and coffee. I felt there was a floral scent to it, particularly towards the latter half of the evening. It definitely went very well with the steak. I am pleased my wife enjoyed the meal, as it is a special occasion for us both as we recall the 17 years since we got married, and are thankful to God for our family and what we have been given.