Vivis 20,000mAh Battery Pack

One of the things I do worry about is for my portable devices to run out of battery, especially the iPhone which is essential for work, contact with friends and family, as well as accessing emails and social media e.g. WhatsApp, Messenger. I’ve seen my wife run out battery so many times, and hence I am aware of the usefulness of back-up batteries. Hence when the Vivis 20,000 mAh battery pack came up on the Lightning deals on Amazon for £18.39 (RRP £22.99), I just had to buy one.

The package was delivered the next day with Amazon Prime delivery. It is well packaged to protect the battery pack from damage during transit.

Vivis 20,000 mAh battery pack
Multiple inputs (2 x 2A Micro-USB input) and multiple outputs (2 x 2.5A)

It comes with a suede-material pouch and two Micro-USB cables, which enables two charging inputs to be used for recharging the battery pack in half the time (when using 2 x 2A inputs).

Comes with 2 Micro-USB cables

The battery pack is turned on and off by sliding along the battery indicator slip following the arrows as indicated (slide away from the unlock icon to turn the power on, and slide away from the lock icon to turn the power off). But the great news is that if there are no devices connected to it, or the device is fully charged, it will turn off automatically as well to save power.

4 blue LED indicators to indicate power capacity
Back of battery pack

What do I like about the Vivis Battery pack?

  1. It is very high capacity (20,000 mAh) but is relatively small in size and light (141.5 x 86 x 17 mm, 338 grams) – hence it can be easily taken around without much effort.
  2. It is able to charge two devices simultaneously with an output of up to 2.5A, which means faster charging.
  3. It can be recharged using two 2A inputs to half the time for recharging to full (estimated at 6 hours), which means it can be used faster than other power banks which can take 10+ hours to recharge to full.
  4. The leather-effect exterior feels comfortable and slip-resistant, which can only be good.
  5. It has a Sanyo Li-Polymer battery which is a good quality battery, and has iSmart technology for intelligent charging of devices.

What could be improved?

It is a very good battery pack, which I can recommend. But if I were to nit-pick, I would say that they should have at least included labels for the various inputs and outputs; which is not an issue with those used to using battery packs, as you cannot really confuse the input with the outputs.


The Vivis 20,000 mAh battery pack is slightly shorter but slightly wider and just under 3 x the thickness of the iPhone 6 plus. Hence it is not overly large. The weight is actually fairly light compared to its capacity, and hence will not make your bag overly heavy. The build quality is good and the features are excellent considering the price. Definitely recommended.