Valentine’s Day Meal

As this Valentine’s day fell on a Tuesday (my normal day to cook) and is during school half-term, I was able to put in some extra time and effort to prepare the meal, just to make it extra special for my wife. I decided that I would prepare 5 dishes for the meal.

In preparation for the meal, I had already bought most of the things I needed from Asda Supermarket on Monday night (Wagyu Rib-eye steaks, Duck breast fillets, Strawberries with chocolate dip). But there were still a few outstanding items which I could only get from Sainsbury’s Supermarket. Hence I made a trip in the morning to get the remainder of the ingredients (Italian leafy salad, Belgian Chocolate Brownie Torte, but I also boughtTarallini, Seaweed slices, Mixed olives and Greek Feta). I had also selected a nice bottle of old-vine Shiraz from Australia for the occasion. Below are the main ingredients for the meal.

The main ingredients for the meal

The next step was to make things look professional. So I took extra effort to make a digital version of the menu for my wife to see when she came back for dinner. To do this, I downloaded a photo of a very nicely designed menu from the internet and made changes to it so it displayed the various dishes for the meal I intend to serve. Menu shown below.

Valentine’s day Menu

Now to give it a professional look, rather than print a copy of the menu, I made a PDF version of it and used my iPad Pro in a leather portfolio to showcase it to my wife. My youngest daughter served as the waitress to show my wife the menu. And my wife was suitably impressed.

My wife viewing the menu on my iPad Pro

First was the starter – tomato and basil soup served with Italian tarallini. The combination goes very well together, better than croutons.

Starter: Tomato and Basil soup served with Tarallini

I also took a photo of the setup for our dinner – with decoration, candles and lovely place mats. My youngest daughter had also folded the serviettes for us.

Bird’s eye view of the dinner setup

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