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Valentine’s Day Meal Page 2

Next dish was the salad. I served mixed olives and Greek feta with sliced eggs, Proscuitto and sun-dried tomato crumbles. We even had some tarallini with this, as they go particularly well with the olives.

Salad: Mixed olives and Greek feta, served with egg slices, proscuitto and sun-dried tomato crumbles

Next are the two main dishes – Sous vide duck breasts with soy and honey sauce. This was served with heart-shaped seaweed and ginger and chilli cutney. My wife enjoyed this very much, as we shared the seaweed with our daughters. The chutney did go well with the duck.

Main dish 1: Sous vide duck breast served with heart-shaped seaweed and ginger and chilli chutney

My wife’s favourite dish is the Wagyu Rib-eye steak with peppercorn sauce. I served it with her favourite salad – Italian leafy salad from Sainsbury’s, and some sliced black grapes.

Main dish 2: Wagyu Rib-eye steak served with Italian leafy salad and black grapes

For dessert, I served our favourite pastry: Belgian Chocolate Brownie torte. I also served chocolate-coated strawberries with this. There was a sprinkling of icing sugar to make the dish look even nicer.

Dessert: Belgian Chocolate Brownie Torte and chocolate-coated strawberries, served with a sprinkling of icing sugar

The wine I chose for the occasion was the Henschke Mount Edelstone 2005 Shiraz. This 12 year old wine continued to improve in the glass through the meal. The aroma and palate were both very pleasing. My wife certainly enjoyed this.

It is always great to be able to open a bottle of nice wine which has been gently aging and waiting for the right moment to be opened and enjoyed with my wife – perfect for the occasion.

Henschke Mount Edelstone 2005 Shiraz

I also gave my wife a lovely red rose to mark the occasion. She absolutely loved it.

Single Rose for my wife

Suffice it to say that the meal was a success, and my wife was truly touched and did not want the night to end. Here is hoping everyone had a wonderful and Happy Valentine’s Day.


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