Valentine’s Day 2018

This Valentine’s day is fairly significant for my wife and I, as it is the 20th time we were celebrating this as husband and wife. Hence I took the day off so we could share the day together. And with Valentine’s day sandwiched between Pancake day and Chinese New Year’s eve, this week is certainly going to be a very busy week for us.

Now to commemorate this special day, I had specially bought a bottle of wine from a grape variety we had never tried before – Gewurztraminer, which is supposed to have very strong lychee aromas. I wanted to see if this would be a wine my wife would enjoy, as there are some wines which she does not like e.g. chardonnay. We each had a glass of this, dispensed through my Coravin wine system, to go with our lunch – sadly the lychee aromas was not as strong as I had expected it to be, but still a nice enjoyable wine.

I also thought it would be a good time to open a lovely bottle of bubbly which I had kept for many years -which we had bought from France during one of our holidays there – a bottle from a very good vintage – 1996.

Charles Heidsieck 1996 Vintage champagne and Paul Cluver Gerwurztraminer

For lunch, I had bought many different types of meat, some sushi, chips and dips, fruits and veg, and even a little bit of dim sum – we were going to enjoy this with our daughters, as they were on half-term holiday. One of the things my daughter has grown to enjoy are toasted BBQ corn – from a company called Love Corn; the Love bit of the company name I felt, was particularly fitting on Valentine’s day. I also had some chocolate eclair as something sweet for the occasion.

Continental meat platter, smoked salmon, cucumber maki and cocktail sausages, with dips, BBQ Love corn and soy sauce
Mediterranean platter with olives, roasted tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, and roasted broad beans. Chicken satay sticks, seafood mix, Shaomai dumpling +clementine slices and veg.
Doritos tortilla chips and chocolate eclairs

We did have a lovely toast with a glass of champagne at the end of lunch to cap it all off. The honey and nutty flavours being particularly prominent. And although made from grapes over 2 decades ago, this bubbly still retained plenty of fizz. The champagne cap has also been added to our collection board to commemorate this special occasion.

Champagne cheers

For dinner, I wanted to serve a glass of wine from a special bottle which I had bought and kept for many years – and what more fitting than the very rare Henschke Hill of Grace 1998 Shiraz – from the vintage of our wedding year. This is a truly lovely bottle of wine from a great vintage – the aromas emanating were amazing, and there was great length to the finish of the wine. Lovely indeed. And because I used the Coravin wine system, we will be able to enjoy the rest of this bottle at other special occasions over the coming years.

Henschke Hill of Grace 1998 Shiraz – a glass each to celebrate

The rib-eye steak cooked via sous vide method went very well with the wine, with both complementing each other nicely.

Rib-eye steak with peppercorn sauce and salad

For dessert, we had a lovely slice of lemon drizzle cake, with a little icing. This went down a treat with the rest of the champagne from the afternoon.

Lemon drizzle cake with icing for dessert

Both my wife and I feel that it was definitely a great celebration – to commemorate our 20th Valentine’s day together since we were married – such special occasions do not come around very often, so we had to make the most of it. Hopefully there will be many more to come. Cheers.