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UV Imaging equipment

There are various equipment which are essential for UV imaging. There are other pieces of equipment which will enhance or improve the process of UV imaging.

Here I’ve included images of my two full-spectrum cameras (one big and one small) as examples.

Olympus E-PL5 modded (focusing helicoid + lens have been removed to show the adapter and UV-pass filter)
Olympus E-M5 modded full UV imaging kit
Olympus E-M5 modded full UV imaging kit

I will go through the equipment separately in detail, and provide suggestions for each.

The essential items are:

1) UV-capable digital camera (full spectrum camera)

2) UV-transmitting lens

3) UV-pass filter

4) UV light source (UV torch, Xenon flash, sunlight)

5) whitebalance reference

Useful equipment to own:

1) Supporting equipment (tripod, table-top mount, bellows)

2) wired/wireless remote

3) optical filter changer

4) flower holder

5) macro studio

6) torch holder

7) Various camera & filter adapters


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