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UV-equipment on the Bay & web (updated 3/10/14)

I thought I would have a page of UV-capable equipment I’ve found on eBay (and the web) in case people are interested in getting them. I’ll list them under the various equipment and try and update this when items are sold. Do ensure you check that the items particularly camera and lenses are in sufficiently good condition as detailed in the description or by contacting the seller directly.

Good value cameras for modding:

Silver new E-PM1 £99.99 Olympus

New red E-PM2 £169.00 Olympus E-PM2

UV-capable lenses:

Soligor 35mm F3.5 9xxxxx series lens UK ending Soligor 35mm F3.5 9xxxxx series lens

Soligor 35mm F3.5 in M42 mount Soligor 35mm F3.5

UV-pass filters:

25.5mm filters

UG11 1mm

U340 1mm

U360 2mm

52mm filters

52mm UG11 1mm

52mm UG11 2mm

IR-blocking filters:

 25.5mm filters

1.75mm S8612 25.5mm

2mm S8612 25.5mm

52mm filters

52mm S8612 1.75mm

52mm S8612 2mm

52mm BG40 2mm

UV torch

Nightsearcher 365nm UV Torch

Xenon flash

Canon 199A

Web items:

Baader U Venus 2″ filter currently under £188 (from Germany) – normal RRP £219. Click on link below and choose the seller astroshop for the lowest price.

Baader Herschel prism visual version currently under £298 – normal RRP £449

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