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UE Boom 2 Speaker Page 2

To setup the speaker, you will need to download the UE Boom App. This is fairly straightforward as the App will run you through the setup process – which is the way things should be. And it even updated the firmware of the speaker on initial startup.

UE Boom App
Firmware update on initial setup

Once everything is connected, then it is possible to adjust the various settings on it – volume, power on/off, equalizer settings for bass/midrange/treble (from the settings menu accessible from top left of screen).

App control of speaker – volume, power and equalizer (in the settings menu)

What I like about the UE Boom 2?

  1. Great sound quality particularly for vocals. Do be aware that it will show up the quality of the recording.
  2. Reasonable price for the quality of sound.
  3. Allows for Bluetooth connection with more than one device at any one time.
  4. Great size and portability with great battery life.
  5. Allows for voice controls through Siri and Google Now – added functionality.

What could be improved?

As the speaker will reveal the quality of the recording (great recordings sound great, while poor quality ones will not), so consider carefully what you choose to play through it.


I am pleased with the sound quality of this speaker, which though small and very portable, is able to project a sound that belies its small size. It looks great and was reasonably priced when I bought it. Recommended.


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