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TP-Link Smart Plug HS100 Page 2

Now on to the Kasa for Mobile App which is required to work with the smart plugs. Once downloaded, you will be required to sign up to an account so it can register all your devices and settings.

Kasa for Mobile App for iPhone

To activate the Skill for using this smart plug with Alexa, you will need to find the TP-Link Kasa under the Skills menu and enable it. You can then get Alexa to search for the connected devices it can control.

TP-Link Kasa skill – enable this for Alexa to control the device

Here I have grouped two devices (TP-Link Smart Plug and my BT Vision box) together so they can be turned on and off together. This means that I can ask Alexa to turn on or off the grioup ‘Youview’ with one simple command – great. And it works too.

I grouped my TV + Soundbar (connected through TP-Link Smart Plug), and my BT Vision Box so they can be controlled together through Alexa

The best thing about the smart plug is that with the App, I can check whether they are switched on or off. Below you can see that the power button on the two plugs are greyed out, which means they are off. So if devices are left on when we are out of the house, I can easily switch them off through iCloud connection – as long as I have internet access and the Wi-Fi at home is working. The plus button at the allows you to add more devices, as you buy more.

My daughter and my plug – both currently off

As you can see below, it is great to be able to see how long the plug has been switched on for – in my case it is 8.88 hrs of actual runtime. There are also options below to enable the setting of schedules, for Away mode, as well as a timer if you want a device to switch off after a set time.

My plug -switched on for 8.88hrs

What do I like about the TP-Link Smart Plug HS100?

  1. It is relatively affordable and easy to setup.
  2. No need for another hub in order to use it (unlike Hive, Philips and some other smart plugs).
  3. It works with iCloud control for anywhere in the work control od the devices connected to it.
  4. It can be voice-controlled using Amazon’s Alexa.
  5. There are multiple functionalities which make it very useful e.g. scheduling, away mode, and the ability to see if a plug is still powered up even when away from home (energy-saving measure).

What could be improved?

If there is one gripe, is that there is no available widget for viewing the status and controlling these plugs from the Notification screen of the iPhone (with iOS 10). This would truly make it great value for money – so TP-Link do take note!


I like the TP-Link Smart Plug HS100 which works well, is affordable and has numerous functionalities available through its App. The fact it can be controlled through Amazon’s Alexa is a welcome feature, but it would also be nice to have a Widget for quick access to it on the iPhone. Recommended (would have been very highly recommended if there was an available widget).


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