The Entertainment Hub/Games Room Setup

With our home entertainment hub/games rooms coming to fruition, it was time to kit it up with the latest technology to make it the funnest and most popular room of the house. In this post I will be showing the list of gear which we have bought for this room.

What did we want to get out of the entertainment hub/games room?

  1. Spend family time together watching TV, movies, listening to music and playing video games as well as more traditional games.
  2. Have a comfortable L-shaped sofa bed so we can be comfortable when resting there. This can also double as a temporary guest room to sleep in when we do get visitors from overseas.
  3. It should allow our daughters to entertain their friends – socialising, watching movies and playing video games. And they should be able to do this without disturbing the rest of the family.

In order to achieve all the above, I came up with a list of the things we needed to get:

  • Furniture: L-shaped sofa, a small round coffee-table, two tub chairs.
  • Entertainment system: big-screen TV, video games console, Apple TV, a soundbar, the various mounting equipment and cables.
  • Networking/smart devices: network switch, Amazon Echo Dot, WiFi light switch.

LG 55″ OLED B7V Television:

We chose this TV because it had the best screen available at a very reasonable price. When we first looked at it, the price was £1899, but it has since come down to £1699. We managed to buy it with a 10% discount code through Argos, which made it even better value. When we have had more time using this I will post about the things we like and dislike about it. But I do have to say that even in the short time that we have used it, the screen colours are amazing and the remote control is so versatile and useful that we like it alot.


Yamaha YAS-207 Soundbar with Dolby Virtual X:

I chose this soundbar as it is relatively unobtrusive, reasonably priced (£327 from, RRP £349) and has some good features. Again, I will post our views of this once we have had more time using it. But unlike the LG TV, we do not really like the remote of the soundbar which is rather basic – the App on the smartphone works much better. Fortunately the soundbar can be controlled directly through the LG remote as it is connected via the HDMI port; so the volume buttons of the TV remote will control the soundbar, and when you turn the TV off the soundbar will automatically be turned off as well. Now if only it were possible to use Amazon’s Alexa to change the settings of the soundbar e.g. movie mode, games mode, TV mode etc.

Yamaha YAS-207 Soundbar

Below we have the TV and soundbar mounted on the wall, with the Amazon Echo dot right next to it. I have managed to hide most of the other equipment behind that large panel of the LG TV.

LG 55″ OLED TV with Yamaha soundbar mounted on wall
Yamaha YAS 207 soundbar and Amazon Echo dot mounted below TV

Apple TV 4K 64GB Box:

I chose to get the Apple TV since we only have iOS devices ie. iPhones, iPads and iMac/MacBook. Hence in order to stream our devices onto the LG TV wirelessly to view photos, videos or other documents, this was the most obvious option. The fact the Apple TV enables us to do other things as well through the downloadable Apps has made it even more useful. We tend to use this to watch the movies we have bought from iTunes e.g. Wonder Woman in 4K, or to listen to Apple Music. Definitely well worth us getting this.

Apple TV 4K 64GB Box

I also bought a mount to fix the Apple TV on the back panel of the LG TV, so it is not visible normally.

Apple TV mounted on back of LG TV panel

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