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The Entertainment Hub/Games Room Setup – Page 3

Fortunately the fact the sofa-bed extension measures 136 x 70 cm means that a toddler bed fitted sheet will be sized just right to cover it. Hence I bought the blue coloured toddler fitted sheet from Argos – £6.99.

Toddler fitted sheet 140 x 70 cm – fits the sofa-bed extension perfectly

As you can see below, it does fit perfectly and will match better with the rest of the sofa.

Fitted sheet on the sofa-bed extension

Habitat Bumble Side Table in Sage:

We wanted a side table which would fit in with the rest of the furniture colour scheme – which made this Habitat table the stand-out choice. I bought this from Argos for £70.00. It is easy to assemble, and does have that little shelf for storing items e.g. box of chess pieces, game controllers etc. Now while it is not particularly tall, it is definitely the right height for placing a cup of coffee or for our chess set (see below).

Habitat Bumble Side Table in Sage

Traditional games: Staunton Chess Set

Now one of the games I really wanted to have in the games room was something more traditional – a lovely wooded chess set. Chess is a great game to relax and play while talking with a friend. We do also have a pack of UNO cards, as well as another card game my daughters love to play – so this room is not all about tech. It doesn’t hurt that the chess pieces I bought are well carved and beautiful and would accessorize any room very well – I particularly like the Boxwood and Sheesham wood used to make the pieces.

Staunton Chess set 3.25″ King
Lovely carving of the knight
Staunton Chess set
Lovely chess set

With the games room so well kitted, my family are spending more time in there than in the rest of the house – they even like to eat in there, and my youngest loves to sleep in there over the weekend. So one of the most unused spaces of our house (single garage pre-conversion) has now been converted into the most popular room in the house. This begs the question – why did we not do the conversion much sooner?


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