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The Entertainment Hub/Games Room Setup – Page 2

Sony Playstation 4 Slim Games Console:

Last year during the Black Friday Sales, we bought our daughter the PS4 Slim as Amazon had a great value package with 2 included games and two games controllers – for less than the normal price of the console itself. Hence this would be the games console for our entertainment hub/games room. As it is rather slim and light, it can be mounted fairly easily using the wall mounts which are available to buy. This is now hiding behind the LG TV, so it is out of sight – less clutter.

Sony Playstation 4 Slim

The mount I bought for fixing the PS4 Slim to the wall is the HIDEit 4S mount on – price £24.99.

Wall mount for Sony PS4 Slim

There is a screw which can be threaded into the PS4 slim to secure it tightly in place so the console does not slip out of the mount. Unfortunately the PS4 Slim has one threaded hole on the right side of the console but none on the left side – it would have been great to fix it firmly on both sides to reduce the vibration when the disc is spinning.

Screw to secure PS4 Slim to wall mount

TP-Link 5-Port Gigabit Switch:

Now as we have 3 different devices (LG TV, Apple TV & PS4) which require a network connection, and we had a LAN cable running into the games room from our router (laid when converting the game room), it made sense that we had a network switch box which could serve all three devices – particularly if 4K TV or movies would be streamed onto the TV.

I chose the TP-Link switch because it was relatively inexpensive £12.44, small in size and wall mountable, and had enough ports for all the devices we needed to connect to the internet. Bearing in mind one of the ports will be occupied by the LAN cable coming from the router, this means that there are effectively only 4 ports which can be connected to a device – so there is a spare port in case we do add any piece of equipment.

TP-Link 5-Port Gigabit Switch

Here I have mounted the Network Switch to the wall below the PS4 and again hidden behind the LG TV Panel.

TP-Link 5-Port Gigabit Switch

MSofas Fabio L-shaped Sofa Bed:

Now one of the pieces of furniture which we have liked but never had the opportunity to own is an L-shaped corner sofa/sofa-bed. Hence when we saw the Fabio sofa on the MSofas website, we knew that it was the one for the room – albeit tightly fitting. We love the colour we chose and the padding on the sofa is definitely comfortable.The head rests can be adjusted to suit the person sitting down. There is storage space beneath the chaise lounge section of the sofa but owing to the dimensions of the games room, we can just about open this to access the storage space – not likely that we will use this much.

Msofas L-shaped Fabio Corner Sofa-bed

But what we like is the fact it has a sofa-bed extension which can be pulled out when needed. In fact, when we are watching a movie, we do like to pull this out to serve as foot-rest. It does come in an odd colour which does not match the colour of our sofa – but looks hard-wearing and can be easily wiped clean.

Pull-out sofa bed

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