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Health parameters

I have been watching my diet, exercising regularly and monitoring my body parameters with the Withings Body Cardio scales for over 6 weeks now. Being able to observe the improvements over this time, as recorded by the Body Cardio scales, serves to reassure me and motivate me that I am doing things right. Here in the post I will share the progress in the body measurements as recorded by the Body Cardio on the Withings Health Mate App. Continue reading Health parameters

Health parameters

Recently I had been very busy at work with quite a few days when I have been on-call at the hospital. Hence there has been times when I’ve not been able to post on my website – apologies to my readers. But now that I have some spare time again, I will be posting about a few things. The first I thought I would do is reflect my analysis of the health parameter data that I have accrued from my Withings Body Cardio over the last few weeks. Continue reading Health parameters

Withings Body Cardio Scales

Recently I had been looking for a smart scale which could measure not only weight but also other body composition measurements. I have determined that I would like to improve body muscle bulk while losing some weight and reducing body fat. As I have a regular exercise regime, and am reducing my calorie intake, the next step was to get a state-of-the-art electronic scales which can measure and log many different body parameters – Withings Body Cardio was the choice I made after doing my research. Continue reading Withings Body Cardio Scales