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Campanula medium – Pink Bell flower

My wife recently received a big bunch of flowers from a colleague. There was one particular flower which caught my eye – it looked like a pink bell and the internal structures holding the pollen was what drew me to it. Hence I knew I had to take photos of it, and in particular macro photos of the pollen. Continue reading Campanula medium – Pink Bell flower

Sony NEX-5N – UV imaging

I remember few years ago when i first owned the Sony NEX-3 and used it for UV-imaging. Unfortunately the custom white balance range was not sufficient to properly white balance in UV for the jpeg files. This issue was fortunately resolved by the NEX-5N (4th camera in the NEX range) which had a wider white balancing range. I had sold my NEX-5N a while ago, and hence could not test this again until I borrowed my friend’s copy. Continue reading Sony NEX-5N – UV imaging