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Olympus E-PL5 compact UV imaging camera

We made a trip to the Bicester garden centre in Bicester Oxford on Saturday, not far from the world famous tourist shopping hotspot Bicester Village. It is interesting that many people coming to England go to Bicester Village to shop, whereas when I go to Bicester, it is normally to the garden centre. Continue reading Olympus E-PL5 compact UV imaging camera

UV-pass filters: infrared suppression test

I was working on some images on Capture One pro and then I had a thought. How about looking at the infrared (IR) suppression capabilities of some of the UV-pass filters I have. I do have the Baader U 2011 version, the latest 2013 Baader U version which is said to have better IR suppression than the previous models. Also, I thought I would test my U340 1mm + S8612 1.5mm stack for comparison. Continue reading UV-pass filters: infrared suppression test

UV-Pass filters – a comparison

Updated 29/8/14 to include Baader U 2012.

The current ‘gold-standard’ reference UV-pass filter is the Baader U filter. This filter is essentially a thin UG11 filter with multiple layers of dielectric coating applied to it. It has sufficient IR-block to prevent any IR-contamination of the UV image.

While it is thought to be the best UV-imaging filter out there, it is certainly not a cheap filter, and the price seems to go up with each passing year, making it even more out of reach to many who may be interested in UV-imaging. Hence it is worth considering if there are any more affordable options out there. I have shot the same flower with the different filter stacks, so the resulting UV image can be compared. Continue reading UV-Pass filters Рa comparison