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Sugru – support for flowers

Recently I had some black sugru left over from making some DIY changes to my iPhone belt holster. I decided that rather than let it go to waste, that I would fix it to one of my flower holders. Now that it has set for many days, it feels very firm. But what does it look like with the various lighting I use for shooting flowers? Will it be too intrusive? Continue reading Sugru – support for flowers

Sugru – mouldable rubber

There are times you will encounter when it is necessary to mend things. I am sure all of my readers at some point have used at least one of these to mend things: super glue, epoxy resin, sticky tape, PVC tape, duct tape. Last year I bought a new product called Sugru, which is supposed to be a mouldable rubber compound capable of gripping onto many different materials and bond them together. Cost between £7-10 for packs of 5. Continue reading Sugru Рmouldable rubber