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Solwise Smartlink 1200 AV2 Powerline Adapters

I have a BT Vision+ box for viewing and recording television programs, some of which is via the internet. It is particularly the BT Sport programs which interest me – I get to watch some live English Premiere League games, and ESPN programs: particularly NBA basketball, Major League Baseball and College Football.

Unfortunately according to BT Customer support, the BT Vision+ box needs to be connected via an ethernet cable to the router to work properly. The previous Powerline adapters I had were not up to the task, as every now and then the recordings would freeze and this impacts on the enjoyment of the games; as well as warning messages from the box about slow connection.

One of the options available is to use network cables from my bedroom to the living room where the router is situated – very messy as there will be wires or wire conduits visible along the walls and ceiling. Now as some BT customers seem to be able to use Powerline Adapters, I thought I should look into getting fast ones for my system. Hence I decided to get the Solwise Smartlink 1200 AV2 powerline adapters – cost under £80. Continue reading Solwise Smartlink 1200 AV2 Powerline Adapters