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Wheatgrass and Acai berry Pellets

Recently when I went on my weekly grocery shopping, I went to the freezer section to buy my usual frozen blueberries and strawberries for my fruit-protein smoothie. While there, I noted that there were plenty of other fruits and vegetables available to purchase – clearly healthy eating and smoothies is big business, which is why there are so many options available. I noted that there were wheatgrass and acai berry pellets for making smoothies, and hence I bought these as well. The wheatgrass pellet pack costs more at £3.00 per 100g, while the acai berry pack costs £2.00 per 100g pack (same as the other fruit packs). Continue reading Wheatgrass and Acai berry Pellets

Home-made smoothie

Recently with the hot summer weather here in England, I thought it would be good to make something cooling and refreshing (and preferably healthy) to drink at the end of the day. As I had tried making such drinks previously using fresh fruit and ice cubes, I decided that it would be even better to use frozen fruit readily available at the supermarkets to make my smoothie drinks (instead of ice cubes). Continue reading Home-made smoothie