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Heart nebula – Pixinsight processing

The next DSO that I worked on with Pixinsight was the Heart nebula. Previously I had only imaged this in H-alpha and O-III, but there was one session when I also managed to get some S-II subs as well. Hence it made sense to reprocess this with Pixinsight to see if I could extract even more out of the data. Continue reading Heart nebula – Pixinsight processing

Seagull nebula revisited – Pixinsight processing

Now that I’ve had the opportunity to do LRGB processing with Pixinsight, I have finally found enough courage to delve into narrowband processing with Pixinsight. Again there is much to learn in this new processing sequence, but as I’ve become fairly familiar with some of these processes, it is not as difficult as I imagined it would be. Continue reading Seagull nebula revisited – Pixinsight processing

Orion nebula revisited

Previously my astrophotography workflow comprised of stacking the images and stretching in Deep Sky Stacker, before importing it into Capture One Pro 7 for further processing. This produces reasonable results, but I wanted to explore other dedicated software for this. After reading online about the various software available, I decided to take Pixinsight on for their 45-day free trial. Continue reading Orion nebula revisited