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Winter Jasmine

There seem to be quite a few winter jasmine flowers in bloom now. Does that mean it is winter already? Anyway, I thought I would pick one back to shoot indoors. I have photographed this flower before, but I thought it would be good to reshoot this in my indoor mini studio, particularly with my IDS2e filter. Continue reading Winter Jasmine

Pink Consolida ambigua

Update: I’ve finally identified this flower as consolida ambigua. This flower has come up in my back garden from a pack of mixed seeds. Unfortunately I do not have an identity for this. Hopefully someone will be able to chime in with the name. Multiple images were shot and then stacked with Helicon focus to achieve deeper depth of field.

Continue reading Pink Consolida ambigua

Sony 20mm F2.8 – UV test

I bought the Sony 20mm F2.8 E-mount pancake lens mainly to test it for its capability in shooting UV and Insect-D-sight, as it is small, light, fairly wide-angle and a native E-mount lens with autofocus. I previously owned the Sony 16mm F2.8 lens, but sold it even though it transmits UV reasonably well as I did not like the image quality. I was hoping this lens could perform similarly well in UV transmission but with better IQ. For this test, I used my friend’s NEX-5N.  Continue reading Sony 20mm F2.8 – UV test

Sony NEX-5N – UV imaging

I remember few years ago when i first owned the Sony NEX-3 and used it for UV-imaging. Unfortunately the custom white balance range was not sufficient to properly white balance in UV for the jpeg files. This issue was fortunately resolved by the NEX-5N (4th camera in the NEX range) which had a wider white balancing range. I had sold my NEX-5N a while ago, and hence could not test this again until I borrowed my friend’s copy. Continue reading Sony NEX-5N – UV imaging

Lenses: what’s in a brand (35mm F3.5 enlarger lenses)?

As I have just done a test on M42 lenses comparing their UV-transmission, I thought I would also do a test of a few different brands of 35mm F3.5 enlarger lenses (both new and older casing designs) using the same setup, to see if there is much variation in their UV-transmission. Continue reading Lenses: what’s in a brand (35mm F3.5 enlarger lenses)?

Lenses: what’s in a brand (35mm F3.5 M42 lenses)?

There are so many different 35mm F3.5 lenses available out there. Even within the same stable of lenses in a company, you can see different designs which were clearly bought from different manufacturers and then rebadged. Some companies are well known for doing this, such as Prinzgalaxy and Soligor. I thought it was time for another comparison test. Continue reading Lenses: what’s in a brand (35mm F3.5 M42 lenses)?

Rudbeckia hirta Irish eyes

This is another variety of Rudbeckia I have growing in my garden. It had popped up a little while ago but then seemed to have vanished before I had a chance to photograph it. Now that it has reappeared, I thought I should shoot it before it disappears again. Images were stacked with Helicon focus. Continue reading Rudbeckia hirta Irish eyes