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Mother’s Day

Today in UK, we celebrated Mother’s Day. My daughters and I decided to prepare and serve the three meals of the day for my wife, so she could have the break she deserved from looking after her family. The plan was for my oldest daughter to prepare breakfast, my youngest to prepare lunch and I would prepare and cook dinner. I had also bought some special tequila to make her favourite cocktail – Margarita. Continue reading Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers Day – in the UK

I am posting this when it will be Sunday in Singapore and Malaysia. Here I would like to wish all the mothers in the world a Happy Mother’s day (UK), particularly to my mum, mother-in-law and my wife. To celebrate this special day, where we remember all that our mothers have done for us,  I have posted a picture of the Heart nebula (IC1805) which I had imaged recently using narrowband filters. Continue reading Happy Mothers Day – in the UK