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Notre Dame de la Garde in Marseille

As I had posted before, we visited Marseille during our trip to South of France. Having visited the Stade Velodrome, the next tourist attraction we went to was Notre Dame de la Garde. This visit provided a lovely view of Marseille, including of the Old Port of Marseille. We had planned to visit that next, but that was cancelled owing to what transpired when we returned to our car. Continue reading Notre Dame de la Garde in Marseille

Lunch in Marseille

For those who are wondering why my website has not had a new post for 4 days now, it is because we have been away in the South of France for our summer holiday. In the past, we had traveled to Brittany, Paris, Reims, Bordeaux and Loire Valley. Hence to complete the rest of France, we drove to the South of France to Provence, Marseille, Nice and even Monaco. I will post on our travels in the coming days. Continue reading Lunch in Marseille