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Baader LaserColli III

Previously with my Astrotech 8″ RC telescope, I found it very simple to adjust the collimation – and it helps that it held its collimation so well that this was not required very often. But then came the upgrade bug and I bought the Orion VX12 12″ Newtonian to grab more light for imaging. With that came the problem of collimating a Newtonian, which is something I’ve never done before and have absolutely no experience. And because mine is a fast Newtonian at F4, it is crucial that I get the collimation right each time – and this needs checking everytime I move the telescope. I did own a Cheshire eyepiece collimator, but wanted to get a laser collimator to help with this. Hence after researching online and considering the cost, I chose to get the Baader LaserColli III. Continue reading Baader LaserColli III