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iOptron ZEQ25GT

Previously I’ve been using my friend’s Astrotrac TT320AX for doing solar imaging. But since getting the Daystar Quark which has a built-in 4.3x Barlow, it has become clear that it is too challenging for me to manually adjust the Astrotrac to align the solar features I’m interested in on the Liveview screen of my camera. Sadly where my telescope pier and Celestron CGEM are mounted, it is not possible to image the sun due to the surrounding houses and trees, so that it cannot be used. Hence I decided that it was necessary to get a portable Goto mount to fill this role. After researching for some time, I decided to buy the iOptron ZEQ25GT, particularly as one came up on eBay for much less than the RRP of £650. Continue reading iOptron ZEQ25GT