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Campanula medium – Pink Bell flower

My wife recently received a big bunch of flowers from a colleague. There was one particular flower which caught my eye – it looked like a pink bell and the internal structures holding the pollen was what drew me to it. Hence I knew I had to take photos of it, and in particular macro photos of the pollen. Continue reading Campanula medium – Pink Bell flower

Winter Jasmine

There seem to be quite a few winter jasmine flowers in bloom now. Does that mean it is winter already? Anyway, I thought I would pick one back to shoot indoors. I have photographed this flower before, but I thought it would be good to reshoot this in my indoor mini studio, particularly with my IDS2e filter. Continue reading Winter Jasmine

Pink Consolida ambigua

Update: I’ve finally identified this flower as consolida ambigua. This flower has come up in my back garden from a pack of mixed seeds. Unfortunately I do not have an identity for this. Hopefully someone will be able to chime in with the name. Multiple images were shot and then stacked with Helicon focus to achieve deeper depth of field.

Continue reading Pink Consolida ambigua