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Horsehead nebula revisited

Since we are coming to the end of winter, I thought that I had better make full use of the opportunity to image the Horsehead nebula. Otherwise I may have to wait another 8-10 months before I can image it again. I was particularly keen to try imaging it with the Astronomik Deep Sky RGB filters and CLS-CCD filter. But I also did a few H-alpha images to see what it could add. Continue reading Horsehead nebula revisited


Happy New Year to everyone of my readers. I thought I would start the first post of the new year with some images I’m pretty happy with. Recently I was faced with the decision of which astrophotography image processing software to buy. I wanted something which had enough processing functions/modules¬†to be able to process my astrophotos well, while not being too difficult to learn (or require me to watch tutorial videos every time I am processing a photo), and definitely not too costly. Hence after watching a few videos on how an astrophoto is processed with StarTools and factoring that it costs A$60 (under ¬£30), I decided that it was definitely worth buying.

Continue reading Startools