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Wine cork

I opened a bottle of Chateau Clerc Milon 2004 on Tuesday, to accompany the rib-eye steak we had for dinner. Now back in 2007, we made a trip to Bordeaux for our summer holiday. We drove to Dover, took the ferry bound for Calais, drove to Paris and spent a night there, before driving down to Bordeaux where we spent a further 3 nights.

During this trip, we bought a few bottles of wine to store for a later date. This wine was bought during that trip on 26th August 2007 for £17.79 and I had kept it in my wine fridge until now, waiting for the right opportunity to open and share with my wife. BTW, the current price for this wine is £58.00 on BBR (more than 3x what I had paid for it). Continue reading Wine cork