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Carolina Reaper Chilli

When I was walking down the aisle of Tesco supermarket browsing the spice section, I noted that they had packs of the Carolina Reaper chilli available for purchase. One of the things I do like to do is to buy things to try with my wife. And Carolina Reaper being one of the hottest chilli in the world (and in fact was the hottest chilli in the world a while ago), I felt it was worth a try. Continue reading Carolina Reaper Chilli

Chilli harvest 3/1/15

On Saturday, we had our first harvest of our Ghost chilli for this year, as many were now orange/red in colour. This is very great timing as the last batch of chilli we harvested and blended has nearly been fully consumed; the flavour of that chilli just keeps us coming back for more – even with that intense burning sensation in the mouth. Hopefully the 2 surviving Ghost chilli plants will continue to grow and over-winter well in our conservatory. Continue reading Chilli harvest 3/1/15

Chilli Sauce Kit

I received this kit for Christmas last year from a good friend. I have not had a chance to use this until now. But with my Ghost chilli ready for harvest, I now have a reason to use the jars from this kit. As the chilli is mainly for my wife’s consumption, I made it to her preferred recipe so will not have any need for the downloadable app which contains ┬ámany new recipes. Continue reading Chilli Sauce Kit