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Insect-D-Sight Video

I have just done a video to illustrate Insect-D-Sight (IDS).

I used iMovie to edit the various clips, as well as adjusting custom whitebalance(which is necessary to get the best results). I am quite pleased with my first go at this; I would have done this handheld, but I am not very experienced in videoing, so still learning. But I hope to use the 5-axis IBIS of the Olympus EM-5 to the best effect when shooting this type of video. Continue reading Insect-D-Sight Video

UV torch – (unwanted) effect on image

For my studio shots, I have been using the Nightsearcher 365nm UV torches to light the subject while adjusting focus. There are times when I have left these on while shooting flowers. My thinking is that if I use shutter speeds of 1/160, there will be little time for the UV torch to impact on the final image. Continue reading UV torch – (unwanted) effect on image