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Neewer AD200 Flash – UV Imaging

For Christmas this year, my wife bought me two presents – the lovely set of wine glasses I posted about a while back, and the Neewer AD200 flash. One of the features I was particularly keen to test out, is its ability as a light source for UV-imaging with its bare-bulb head. Hence this post, to demonstrate its capabilities for this. Continue reading Neewer AD200 Flash – UV Imaging

Astrotrac TT320X – solar imaging

There is a solar tracking mode on the Astrotrac TT-320X which will make solar imaging much easier. This is activated by pressing the brightness button while powering up i.e. plugging in the external battery pack. Then the Astrotrac is activated for tracking by pressing the play button – once to start the initialisation process and then a second time to start tracking. Continue reading Astrotrac TT320X – solar imaging

Baader Herschel prism – UV solar imaging

I did do some UV solar imaging with the Baader Solar film previously. Unfortunately, the one Solar film I have is for solar viewing (not the photographic version), which does reduce the light passing through to the camera significantly. Hence I have had to use higher ISOs and slower speeds for imaging when using the Baader U. Hence I thought it would be good to try this again now that I have the Baader Herschel prism, to see if enough UV is passed through to the sensor. Continue reading Baader Herschel prism – UV solar imaging

Winter Jasmine

There seem to be quite a few winter jasmine flowers in bloom now. Does that mean it is winter already? Anyway, I thought I would pick one back to shoot indoors. I have photographed this flower before, but I thought it would be good to reshoot this in my indoor mini studio, particularly with my IDS2e filter. Continue reading Winter Jasmine

Sony NEX-5N vs Olympus OM-D EM-5 UV imaging

In this post, I will be doing a side by side comparison of these two cameras, with regards to the cameras themselves, ease of use, functionality and image quality, as well as images from both cameras for comparison. I know that there are features in both cameras which I like, and it would be great to see them all amalgamated together into one camera (although this is unlikely to happen). Continue reading Sony NEX-5N vs Olympus OM-D EM-5 UV imaging

Pink Consolida ambigua

Update: I’ve finally identified this flower as consolida ambigua. This flower has come up in my back garden from a pack of mixed seeds. Unfortunately I do not have an identity for this. Hopefully someone will be able to chime in with the name. Multiple images were shot and then stacked with Helicon focus to achieve deeper depth of field.

Continue reading Pink Consolida ambigua

Sony 20mm F2.8 – UV test

I bought the Sony 20mm F2.8 E-mount pancake lens mainly to test it for its capability in shooting UV and Insect-D-sight, as it is small, light, fairly wide-angle and a native E-mount lens with autofocus. I previously owned the Sony 16mm F2.8 lens, but sold it even though it transmits UV reasonably well as I did not like the image quality. I was hoping this lens could perform similarly well in UV transmission but with better IQ. For this test, I used my friend’s NEX-5N.  Continue reading Sony 20mm F2.8 – UV test

UV-pass filters: infrared suppression test

I was working on some images on Capture One pro and then I had a thought. How about looking at the infrared (IR) suppression capabilities of some of the UV-pass filters I have. I do have the Baader U 2011 version, the latest 2013 Baader U version which is said to have better IR suppression than the previous models. Also, I thought I would test my U340 1mm + S8612 1.5mm stack for comparison. Continue reading UV-pass filters: infrared suppression test

Lenses: what’s in a brand (35mm F3.5 enlarger lenses)?

As I have just done a test on M42 lenses comparing their UV-transmission, I thought I would also do a test of a few different brands of 35mm F3.5 enlarger lenses (both new and older casing designs) using the same setup, to see if there is much variation in their UV-transmission. Continue reading Lenses: what’s in a brand (35mm F3.5 enlarger lenses)?