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Baader T2 (32mm) Prism Diagonal (Updated: 2/2/15)

Recently I became aware that prism diagonals can perform better than a mirror prism for certain subjects such as planets or low-contrast subjects such as the sun in H-alpha. Hence I decided to get the small Baader T2 prism diagonal, which comes with a 1.25″ focusing eyepiece holder (with T2 threads) and a T2 – 1.25″ nose piece from www.amazon.co.uk Continue reading Baader T2 (32mm) Prism Diagonal (Updated: 2/2/15)

Baader LaserColli III

Previously with my Astrotech 8″ RC telescope, I found it very simple to adjust the collimation – and it helps that it held its collimation so well that this was not required very often. But then came the upgrade bug and I bought the Orion VX12 12″ Newtonian to grab more light for imaging. With that came the problem of collimating a Newtonian, which is something I’ve never done before and have absolutely no experience. And because mine is a fast Newtonian at F4, it is crucial that I get the collimation right each time – and this needs checking everytime I move the telescope. I did own a Cheshire eyepiece collimator, but wanted to get a laser collimator to help with this. Hence after researching online and considering the cost, I chose to get the Baader LaserColli III. Continue reading Baader LaserColli III

Baader Herschel prism – UV solar imaging

I did do some UV solar imaging with the Baader Solar film previously. Unfortunately, the one Solar film I have is for solar viewing (not the photographic version), which does reduce the light passing through to the camera significantly. Hence I have had to use higher ISOs and slower speeds for imaging when using the Baader U. Hence I thought it would be good to try this again now that I have the Baader Herschel prism, to see if enough UV is passed through to the sensor. Continue reading Baader Herschel prism – UV solar imaging

Baader Herschel Prism – single vs double stacked Solar continuum

For this post, I would like to compare the difference in images between the use of a single Solar continuum and double-stacking. In my previous test, I did not find that much difference between those images with and without IR, hence I wanted to know if there was any benefit from using a double-stack of Baader Solar continuum (as I have two of these filters in 2″). Continue reading Baader Herschel Prism – single vs double stacked Solar continuum

Baader Herschel prism – Solar continuum with and without IR-cut

For this test, I have taken images with two different cameras. I have used the full-spectrum Olympus E-PL5 with the Baader Solar continuum and ND 3.0 filter for the images without IR-blocking, and the unmodded Olympus E-P5  with these two filters for the system with IR-cut. The question is whether there is any detectable difference between the images taken. Continue reading Baader Herschel prism РSolar continuum with and without IR-cut

Baader Herschel Prism – unboxing

I have been thinking of buying a Baader Herschel Prism for many years now, as this has been described as the best herschel prism available. My main interest with this would be for solar imaging, although it would be very good for solar viewing as well. Unfortunately the cost has always been fairly high, and it just never made it up the priority list. Continue reading Baader Herschel Prism – unboxing