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Sony A6000 for astrophotography part 2

Some people enjoy looking at the sky and observing the various deep sky objects out there. As for me, I would rather photograph these as it is more of a permanent record of the event. Hence the equipment I’ve accrued are more geared for imaging than observing.

Previously I had used the Sony A6000 with the William Optics 72 Megrez for astrophotography, mounted on the Astrotrac TT320X. I managed to image both the Andromeda galaxy and Pleiades during that first attempt with this camera. See here.

There were many signs that this would be a great camera for astrophotography, as it had addressed quite a few issues associated with earlier Sony E-mount models. Over the past week, I have had a few more opportunities to do further astrophotography with the Sony A6000. Read on to find out more. Continue reading Sony A6000 for astrophotography part 2

Astrotrac TT320X – solar imaging

There is a solar tracking mode on the Astrotrac TT-320X which will make solar imaging much easier. This is activated by pressing the brightness button while powering up i.e. plugging in the external battery pack. Then the Astrotrac is activated for tracking by pressing the play button – once to start the initialisation process and then a second time to start tracking. Continue reading Astrotrac TT320X – solar imaging

Review: Filter changing adapters

I have tried quite a few filter changing adapters to mount various filters to some of my lenses. With 4 different filters (currently) to use when I shoot flowers, it is important to have a simple and effective method of changing filters. There are also photographers who use circular polarisers or neutral density filters regularly, who will find at least one of these adapters useful. Continue reading Review: Filter changing adapters