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Astronomik Deep-Sky RGB filters

Happy Valentine’s day to one and all. Rather than flowers, how about some more filters. Now I have thought about it, there seem to be a few things I like to buy/collect – photography adapter/stepping rings, imaging optics, cameras/imagers and imaging filters; they all help the progress along my photo journey.

Now while researching the Astronomik site for information about the narrowband filters, I came across a new set of filters developed by Astronomik for deep sky imaging, unimaginatively┬ácalled Deep-Sky RGB filters – but at least we know what they were designed for. As they had a great offer for the new filter set ending 31st January 2016, I felt I had to grasp the opportunity to buy it before the price went up. The main drawing point for these filters is that the filters are supposed to have been designed to work well with vast majority of current imaging sensors, including those from Sony, and allow for 1:1:1 exposures for a balanced colour image. Continue reading Astronomik Deep-Sky RGB filters

Astronomik Narrowband Filters

A while back, I had acquired the Samyang 135mm F2 lens in Canon EOS mount for astrophotography, as it was available at a very good price. As this lens is very sharp even wide open, I felt I had to get the most out of it and consider narrowband imaging. While researching the filter choice, I had narrowed it down to either the Baader narrowband F2 filters or the Astronomik set (H-alpha, SII and OIII) in 1.25″. But I decided to go down the Astronomik route as this has always been the brand of astronomy filters I’ve used (other than the Baader U and UV/IR cut). Continue reading Astronomik Narrowband Filters