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ASI178MM-cooled: narrowband imaging exposure settings

Now up to recently, I had been choosing settings for imaging with the ASI178MM-cooled based on convenience. But now that I am getting familiar with imaging with narrowband filters, I have decided to take a closer look at the histograms to help me choose the most ideal gain and exposure settings for my combination of equipment. Continue reading ASI178MM-cooled: narrowband imaging exposure settings

ZWO ASI178MM-cooled – gain settings

I have been looking through the internet for information on what gain settings people use for astrophotography with their CCD/CMOS imagers. It does look like there are certain settings which can be useful for the older sensors, but how about for the Sony sensor of the ASI178MM-cooled? I decided to find out about the difference between a few of the gain settings on this camera, as this is worth knowing for people who are genuinely interested in using it for guided deep sky imaging. Continue reading ZWO ASI178MM-cooled – gain settings

ZWO ASI178MM-cooled – Master Dark frames

As the weather has not been suitable for imaging, I decided to do some master dark frames with the ZWO ASI178MM-cooled at different gain settings. I chose to cool the sensor down to -20 degrees Celsius, as I thought that this would still be achievable when imaging during summer nights – allowing me to use just one set of master dark frames throughout the year. Continue reading ZWO ASI178MM-cooled – Master Dark frames

ZWO ASI178MM-cooled UV-imaging

One of the areas of photography that I have an interest in, and wanted to test out of the ASI178MM-cooled for a while, is UV-imaging. That is imaging below 400nm wavelength, which is  invisible to normal human vision. Now it is unclear the response of the IMX178 Sony Starvis sensor to the light below 400nm, but I felt I needed to test this out, particularly as it does not have a Bayer Matrix to affect UV-transmission. But the big question I had was whether the AR window protecting the sensor would block deeper UV? Continue reading ZWO ASI178MM-cooled UV-imaging