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Lunar image – ASI178MM-Cooled

I have been waiting for opportunities to break in my ZWO ASI178MM-cooled imager and do some imaging. The mono sensor of this camera is particularly suited for planetary, solar and lunar imaging, although the cooling also means it should fare well for long exposure deep sky imaging. As there was a near full moon high up in the sky, I decided to take some lunar video – as it was not suitable for deep sky imaging. Continue reading Lunar image – ASI178MM-Cooled

ZWO ASI178MM-cooled Camera – unboxing

Back in November last year, I became aware that ZWO were making a range of cooled imaging cameras based on Sony sensors. Initially I was thinking of getting the ASI174MM-cooled as it is a reasonably sized sensor with global shutter. But after reading about the other cameras in the line up, I decided to pre-order the ASI178MM-cooled, as it has smaller pixels – great for planetary imaging and also for deep sky objects with a fast telescope. This camera finally arrived on Tuesday. Continue reading ZWO ASI178MM-cooled Camera – unboxing