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Sony E-mount system – my journey so far

I thought I would put into this post the chronology and the 7 phases of my experience with the Sony E-mount cameras over the last few years, as well as a summary of what Sony have achieved with the E-mount system and what they still need to do. I have also included my own  thoughts about each camera. Continue reading Sony E-mount system Рmy journey so far

Review: Sony A7R and Coastal Optics 60mm F4 APO Macro

The Coastal Optics 60mm F4 Apo Macro lens is a truly amazing optical engineering feat. It is apochromatic from ultraviolet, visible light, through to infrared. This means that the light from all three spectral range will be focused at the same point, so the image remains nice and sharply focused; bear in mind it is supposed to let through a significant amount of the UV, unlike other apochromatic lenses.

Sony A7R + Coastal Optics 60mm F4
Sony A7R + Coastal Optics 60mm F4

It is the only such lens I know of which is still in production with such an apochromatic capability – even the UV Nikkor 105mm F4.5 has no focus shift for UV and visible light (but not infrared). The Coastal Optics is also said to be very sharp from wide open. But it does have its weakness (the hotspot issue), although that can be overcome through various ways – I will talk about this later Continue reading Review: Sony A7R and Coastal Optics 60mm F4 APO Macro