Sunspot AR2529

Recently it looked like the sun was going through a period of low activity with very few sunspot visible. But recently a new fairly large sunspot has emerged into view, and it was great to get an opportunity to image it.

Imaging was done using the Daystar Quark, Skywatcher ED80 refractor, ZWO ASI178MM-cooled imager with Revelation 0.5x 1.25″ focal reducer. Mounted on the iOptron ZEQ25, the tracking of the sun as it moved across the sky was very accurate.

Now this sunspot is supposedly the size of the earth, so it is pretty big. The seeing was pretty good today, so it was possible to capture a fair bit of detail of the sunspot and the rest of the sun. Sadly there were no prominences to image today.

Sunspot AR2529 and some filaments
Sunspot AR2529 and a filament
Sunspot AR2529 - supposedly the size of the earth
Sunspot AR2529 – supposedly the size of the earth
100% crop
100% crop

I am pretty pleased with what I’ve managed to capture of this sunspot. I will image this again if it does anything interesting in the coming days as it revolves across the sun.