Sunspot AR2205 – stacking

Recently I managed to image sunspot AR2005 with the Skywatcher ED100. Unfortunately the seeing was rather poor and hence that was limiting what I could achieve with a single shot.

Clearly the next step was to try stacking of images in Registax 6. Hence I processed my images with Capture One Pro 8 into .PNG format, as Registax does not work with Olympus (or Sony) RAW files.

I used 18 of the best images I had obtained and stacked them to produce the image below:

Sunspot AR2205 - stacked image
Sunspot AR2205 – stacked image

From the above image, I can tell that the seeing was not as good as an image I had previously managed (single shot with excellent seeing – see below).

Single shot image with excellent seeing conditions
Single shot image with excellent seeing conditions

Hopefully I will get a chance to catch the interesting sunspots when the seeing is much better. I’m not sure if stacking will allow me to get an even better image than the one above.