One of the flowers we bought for my wife for Mother’s day was a Sunflower. I have been eyeing this flower for many days now, and finally I’ve had a chance to take it to my indoor studio to photograph.

Sunflower - Visible
Sunflower – Visible
Sunflower - UV
Sunflower – UV
Sunflower - IDS1
Sunflower – IDS1
Sunflower - IDS2e
Sunflower – IDS2e
Sunflower - UVIVF
Sunflower – UVIVF
Sunflower - UVIVF (macro)
Sunflower – UVIVF (macro)

All the images were created from multiple images stacked in Helicon focus. These are probably the nicest sunflower images I’ve taken, so I am very happy. It looks like Mother’s day is the official start to my UV-imaging season – and there are plenty more images to come (some of which are pretty impressive if I do say so myself).


Equipment used: Olympus EM-5, Coastal Optics 60mm F4, Baader U filter, Baader UV-IR cut filter, IDS1 & 2e filters, Quantum X2D flash, Nightsearcher UV torches